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Claudia Buonocore Turriate


Claudia Turriate - Obituary

Mrs. Claudia Buonocore Turriate, age 70, Jonesborough, passed away at the Johnson City Medical Center, Wednesday May 25, 2022.

Mrs. Turriate was a native of New York City, New York. She was the daughter of the late Paul and Florence Large Buonocore. Mrs. Turriate was a retired nurse. She was an active member of the Jonesborough Senior Center.

Survivors include Carlos Turriate (husband), Sandro Turriate (son), and Troy Turriate (son), Linda Ho (sister),

Claudia was a loving wife, devoted mother, and dog mom. Claudia was an avid athlete and as a result, an unlikely feminist. She made history in the late 70’s by being the first woman to play in an all men’s soccer league in Miami-Dade, before co-ed leagues were available. Her story was documented in the local newspaper"her closing words read, “It’s nice to make history, isn’t it?” It was here she met and married her husband of 43 years, Carlos Turriate.

Claudia loved music, and especially dancing! As a bold and independent woman, it was natural that she would initiate the relationship by asking Carlos out dancing one night (and the rest was history.) They eventually moved north to Tampa, FL and started a family. They passed on their love of athletics to their sons, who grew up on soccer fields and in martial arts studios. Later, as her sons developed an interest in music, she and Carlos fully supported their creative development and devoted their time and resources to the burgeoning musical sons. She and Carlos soon became ‘band parents’ often feeding, transporting and caring for the cast of teenagers rotating through their home, now fully dedicated to music.

Statements like, “Your parents are so cool.” or, “I wish my parents were like this,” were often overheard during this period. Whether she realized it or not, she and Carlos became pillars of their community, caring for underprivileged kids, or those from broken homes, showing them that a different way of life was possible, all through their love of music, and devotion to their children.

Claudia extended this great care into her career as a nurse and healer, specializing in NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) caring for the most vulnerable of human lives. She brought her spiritual practice into the hospital and used Reiki (energy healing) to help the newborns in her care. She spent her life as an avid spiritual student and often sought out new healing modalities. She embraced all spiritual traditions and considered herself a lifelong student.

As her sons moved into their careers, she and Carlos fell in love with Appalachia. Claudia (also a part time realtor) spent several years with Carlos on research expeditions, combing Appalachian towns for their eventual retirement home. By a chance meeting, they discovered Jonesborough and knew they’d found their new home and community.

They soon set down new roots in Jonesborough, and never looked back. She loved the incomparable views of the mountains and rolling hills, as well as the peace and tranquility Eastern Tennessee offered. She and Carlos soon found themselves dancing again as they frequented the local concerts, contras and bluegrass jams in the area. They frequently traveled to surrounding areas like VA and NC to take in live theater and music as well.

Though she struggled with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, she was never unkind, nor did she conceal her beaming smile or infectious laughter. This is how we will remember her"at peace in her idyllic mountain home with the love of her life, and her beloved dogs. Living the sweet life, one mountain sunset at a time.

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