John S. Ruggieri


Mr. John S. Ruggieri, age 84, Jonesborough, passed away Friday, November 9, 2018 at James H. Quillen VA Medical Center.
Mr. Ruggieri was born in Providence, Rhode Island and the son of the late John & Olive Cifu Ruggieri.
He was an Air Traffic Controller.
Survivors include his wife, Margarite L. Welsh Ruggieri, Jonesborough.
Graveside services will be conducted 1:00 pm Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at Mountain Home National Cemetery.

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11-09-2018 Julia Ruggieri
Jack was a wonderful brother and is survived by three Michael, Peter and Paul, numerous nieces and nephews and loving husband husband to Maggie. He was very active his whole life in aviation and Hamm radio. Following is his own account of his passions. My radio experience was obtained by going through the USAF radio operator's school at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS during 1953. I was assigned to Dover AFB, DE where I flew as a crew member in C-54's and then brand new C-124 Globemasters flying mostly to northern Canada, Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland the UK, Europe and N. Africa sometimes stopping at the Azores Islands. Communications were mostly AM and a lot of CW using the Collins ART-13 transmitter and two BC-348 receivers which I believe were made by RCA. In early 1956 I was transferred to Goose Bay, Labrador where I flew in B-29's performing electric countermeasure missions (ECM) to test the Distant Early Warning (DEW line) radar sites protecting northern USA & Canada. InSept. of 1956, I obtained my amateur radio license and was assigned the call sign W1NVC since I was originally from RI. The day I received my license, I went into one of the B-29's that was in the hangar going through maintenance. A power unit was plugged in so I fired up the ART-13 and gave a call on the 20 meter band. The antenna being used was a long wire from the front of the fuselage back to the tip of the tail vertical stabilizer. Being in Canada, my call sign was W1NVC/VOA6. I got an immediate response from a ham in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. That was my first contact using my own call sign. Later, while flying, I operated some aeronautical mobile using AM and CW on 20 meters. I also participated in MARS at the Goose Bay amateur station, where I was assigned the call sign AF1NVC. In 1957 I was transferred to Harlingen AFB, TX where I flew in T-29's that were used to train navigators. I also operated some aeronautical mobile. At my home station I used a Heath Kit DX-100, a Hammarlund HQ-110 on a vertical antenna operating as W1NVC/5 and was able to work all states. Upon discharge, I moved back to RI where I went to college and finally got to operate in my home state. I also flew in the RI Air National Guard, again as a radio operator but now in the SA- 16 Albatross occasionally operating some aeronautical mobile on 20 meters. In 1959 I moved to VA where I obtained a new job as an Air Traffic Controller in the old Norfolk Air Route Traffic Control Center as well as Control Tower, Radar Approach and a Communicator in the Flight Service Station. Now being in VA, I obtained my current call sign of K4GML Around 1964, I am sorry to say that I sold most of my amateur equipment and did not operate HF for over 45 years since I got heavily involved in aviation. I obtained different pilot certificates working all the way up to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and Flight Instructor. I also flew part time as a corporate pilot and stayed active on the 2 meter band using an Icom 2- AT hand held mostly for phone patching through repeaters, while airborne, to call the XYL. In August of 2010, I was proud to receive the Wright Brothers "Master Pilot" Award for 50 years as a pilot promoting safe aircraft flight operations. Now being retired, we moved to TN. I met a local ham, K4SE, and he convinced me to get back on HF. So, in late 2009, I purchased a Yaesu FT-450AT, put up a vertical and a home made 5 band dipole and got back on HF. I have since added an Ameritron AL-80B amplifier and I am having a ball on all the bands using SSB and some CW. I have already worked all states. My recent purchase is a 50 watt Yaesu FT-1900R 2 meter rig where I stay active with the local hams using repeaters. I am an active member of the JohnsonCity Amateur Radio Association. On Oct.27, 2012, I took the test and updated my license to the Amateur Extra Class and also got designated as a VE. Even though I am still an active pilot and flight instructor, I don't do much flying or instructing since most of my free time is now devoted to amateur radio. 73's, K4GML, John


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