Coach Darrell Watson


Coach Darrell Watson, age 66, Johnson City, passed away Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at the Wellmont Hospice House in Bristol.
Mr. Watson was born in Sweetwater, Tennessee and son of Minnie Merle Rowan Watson, Maryville, TN and the late Lawrence Watson. In addition to his father, Mr. Watson was also preceded in death by one sister, Peggy White.
He was a member of Fist Baptist Church of Kingsport and attended Boones Creek Christian Church.
With a coaching career that reigned for 42 years, he experienced success at Church Hill High School, East Tennessee State University, Sullivan East High School, Tennessee High School, Volunteer High School, and Dobyns Bennett High School. He spent 25 years at Dobyns Bennett High School, and will always be known as an “Indian.”
Survivors include one son, Evan Watson, Kingsport; and one daughter, Emily Watson, Kingsport.
Memorial services will be conducted 7:30 pm Monday, March 18, 2013 at Boones Creek Christian Church, 305 Christian Church Rd. Gray, TN, with Minister David Clark and Dr. Marvin Cameron officiating. The family will receive friends from 4:30-7:30 pm Monday prior to service.
Memorial donations may be made to American Cancer Society NE Office 508 Princeton Rd. Suite 102 Johnson City, TN 37601.

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03-26-2013 Greg Faulk
Out of many coachs and teachers from the 3rd grade on and 5 sports,He was the best coach and mentor I ever had.My heart is for the family.
03-19-2013 T.J. Brown
I truly will miss you Coach. So glad that my sons Connor & Patrick got to know you as well. I extend my deepest sympathy to the Watson family.
03-18-2013 Teresa Bolden
Evan, So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.
03-18-2013 Frank Haws
Darrell was great person and coach. He will be greatly missed. My condolences go to his entire family.
03-18-2013 Robby Jackson
So Sorry to hear of Coach Watsons passing! He was a good man. He was a very caring person. I remember when Coach Brewer was sick, Coach Watson would visit him regulary. Will miss you Coach!
03-18-2013 Mike, Kim and Trevor White
Emily and Evan, we are very sorry about the loss of your Father. We pray your good memories of him will comfort you in the days ahead.
03-18-2013 Jerry Higgins
Great man, coach, teacher, colleague, and friend. I was lucky enough to have know Coach Waston in each of these capacities. He will be missed greatly. Thoughts and prayers to Evan and Emily.
03-18-2013 Linda Miller and Family
I will have fond memories of Coach Watson....My front yard was one of the stopping points to change drivers for Driver's Ed students. Coach would always wave or take time to stop and speak. My son, Nathan Miller, had a serious back injury during his senior year of football at DB. Coach was always kind to ask of his progress with genuine concern. Months later I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer...his genuine concern was also extended to me. We were blessed by his sincere compassion...a fine man indeed. His presence is certainly missed.
03-18-2013 Cedric Hodge
No words can explain, a man of such great stature, what he has meant to many TRIBE footballers. My heart, prayers, and condolences go out to the Watson family. Many times as a lineman I have heard " get on the line. Give me a half gasher!" He's coaching God's team now and believe with every mistake comes a "half gasher!"
03-17-2013 Curt Russell
I had the privledge of playing ball for Coach Watson at Church Hill his first 4 years there. He was a great person and taugh us a lot, both about football and life. You'll be greatly missed Coach.
03-17-2013 Larry Manis
I extend my deepest sympathy to the Watson family, especially Evan and Emily. Darrell has been my friend since our time spent many years ago at ETSU. Darrell was playing football and I running track and cross-country at ETSU together in the 60's. We have kept that friendship for the past 45 years and spent more time talking of our golden years during the most recent years. He and Evan would come by the golf course and play, while other times Darrell would come by just to visit and talk. We had the pleasure of working many indoor track & field meets at ETSU together. Darrell was a great Coach and worked very hard in his chosen profession. The greatest thing to be remembered for as a Coach is that he was a significant in the lives of his others. "Darrell Watson was such a Coach." Darrel was a true competitor and gentleman, both usually not found in life. I will miss you Darrell as a friend and fellow Buccaneer.
03-17-2013 Jeremy Livesay
I also remember the days of Driver's Ed...he used to yell at me through the radio, and when we would go on the road...we always went to the car wash on Stone Drive because they had the "good snacks" I now work in Johnson City and I would workout at Lifestyles Gym and was there a lot so he and I would just shoot the breeze. He would even come by my office from time to time and just hang out and catch up on "his boys" He would always as about Ferg and Lee etc...he was such a great man.
03-17-2013 Chris England
I played for Coach Watson in the early 90s at DB. He was hard on us and expected a lot from us, but he did it because he loved us and knew what we were capable of. He means so much to so many and affected so many of us in the most positive way. I love you Coach and thank you for your influence you had on my life.
03-16-2013 Phil Hoskins
I was privelaged to serve as chaplain for the Dobyns-Bennett football team for over twenty years and that is where my friendship with Coach Watson began. He loved the game, his fellow coaches, and the young men he coached. He always greeted me with an encouraging word and I will miss his friendship. My love and prayers are extended to the entire Watson family. May God's presence be near you all in the coming days. Phil Hoskins
03-16-2013 Aaron Ferguson
Evan and Emily, you both know how special your dad was to me. He taught me the skills that led me to a National Championship at Marshall but more importantly allowed me to receive an education and degree that will carry me on for a lifetime. We are all better people for having him in our lives. ROLL TRIBE! FERG
03-16-2013 Cindy Waters(daughter of the late Peggy White)
To Emily and Evan- I would like to tell you how sorry I am to hear about the loss of your father and to let you know you are both in my thoughts and prayers.
03-16-2013 Bill Cole
Coach Watson was a big part of turning Church Hill Highs football team around in my Junior year. He would not let you quit. He still remains in my mind as one of my best coaches.
03-16-2013 Rudy Phillips
It was my pleasure to serve as an umpire at many of the Dobyns-Bennett games while Coach Watson was there. I am sorry that we have lost such a good man. I will keep the family in my prayers.
03-16-2013 Joe Dickson
Another great coach is in heaven. I knew Coach Watson from Driver’s Ed (best class ever) but mostly as the Field Events Coach for DB Track. He could say four words to get you fired up before a race or get you to laugh afterwards if things didn’t go well. Coach would even come find me at school after a cross country race to give me words of encouragement or congratulations. My sincere condolences to the family. May you find comfort and peace in good memories. You are in my prayers.
03-16-2013 Gordon Zollman
Enjoyed our coaching friendship. He was "a dandy". My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
03-15-2013 Eddie Cassell & Family
A great man and coach. A positive influence and example. I always walked away feeling better after talking to coach. We are praying for the Watson family.
03-15-2013 Josh Harwood
Its always hard to say exactly how or what you feel during these times, because you really don't understand what you feel. He always was so positive about my life and my career turns and no one could break down football and defense especially like our Coach Watson. I will miss his smile and now I know he is somewhere where he won't have to feel so much pain. Thank You Coach Watson, You will be missed.
03-15-2013 Austin Morrison
One of the greatest coaches of all time and an even greater man. Ill never forget you. Miss you coach
03-15-2013 Roy Stinnett
No greater legacy than to touch the hearts and minds of young people.
03-15-2013 John Moscript
We grew up together, sandlot football, jr high,high school, and college football. I knew Darrell well and his life was dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the sport of football to young kids that wanted more out of life. That's what made him to be a great person and that was what drove him, to be touched and loved by hundreds of kids. Darrell didn't know how to quit but now the whistle has blown for the final time. My heart goes out to Evan, Emily and Becky and may God be with you.
03-15-2013 Tom Shelburne, Jr.
Coach Watson meant a ton to alot of us. He may have had one each true son and daughter, but for those of us that played football for him, we were all his sons. He always expected and pushed me to perform at a high level and made me realize that even when I thought I had nothing left, I still had more that I could give. Those lessons learned have been with me and helped me in countless ways when I least expected it, but always needed it - through College, US Army Airborne and Ranger schools, deployments, work, and parenting. I still use and draw from sayings and lessons I learned from Coach while playing OL in the early 90's at DB. "You're as high as a Georgia pine!" or "get up that thar tree, flat-nose!" just to name a few of the more memorable ones. No man is perfect - I'm not, we're not, and Coach wasn't - but as a parent of four, I can only hope that my children have the blessing to be taught, pushed, motivated, cared for, and coached by someone like Coach Watson. For me, I can give a man no greater compliment. God bless.
03-15-2013 Jon Crawford
I haven't seen Coach Watson since I left Volunteer High School in 1985, but I can still hear his words and his voice like it was yesterday. It was an honor and a privilege to play for Coach and he made an impact on my life that will never fade. Rest in Peace Coach, your excellent work here is done. I am praying for the entire Watson family during this most difficult time.
03-14-2013 Audra Gibson
Family, Sorry to hear about Coach. He will be greatly missed. While he was here at Steadman Hill he was a great help. He would go around and talk to all the residents and staff. He was a very special person and we will miss him dearly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Steadman Hill
03-14-2013 Yolanda Smith
I had the honor and privilage of knowing coach watson as my nephews football coach and as a patient.To know him is to love him.Coach Watson had a beautiful spirit and very loving heart for anyone he came in contact with. I'm sad because in this world we need more people like coach watson.He will be missed.My prayers are with his family.God Bless you during this time.
03-14-2013 B. Puckett (Aldridge)
Coach Watson will be missed very much. What a truly nice gentleman who was patient, kind and understanding. He was one of my favorite people at DB. My sincerest condolences to the family. May God comfort you during this very difficult time - and may you always know that He is there for you always. He holds Coach in His Heavenly care until we all meet again.
03-14-2013 Alan Bagley
Coacher always saw beyond the exterior. He knew the facade was never as important as the engine inside. He showed me respect when others may have disregarded. He listened, and he advised , and he never let me quit. He knew that the sick kid had to develop and excel physically or all the intellect in the world wouldn't be enough to make the man. I will always be in his debt for helping me find the inner strength to,push ahead and to never quit. Rest well, Coacher!
03-14-2013 Josh Lane
Evan and Emily, You do not know me or at least I don’t think you do but I played for your dad in the early 90’s at DB. Coach stayed on my butt… Not really for stuff on the field but for things I was into off the field. He really cared about me. He was really good to me. He would call my mamaw’s house years after I had finished playing to check up on me every so often. It really meant a lot to me later in my life. I will always be in debt to coach for all he did. Every time I hear the word “Coach” I think of your dad. It was an honor to play for him but I loved him for all the other stuff he tried to do… I will never forget him. I will have a good thought for both of you all….. Love Ya Coach!
03-14-2013 Lisa Adkins
Darrell was a wonderful neighbor and friend for many years - a true gentleman. So sorry to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
03-14-2013 Charlie Ratliff
My condolences go out to the Watson family. Coach Watson was a great man. He made you feel as if you were truly part of something. He made football a passion in his life and I had the fortunate time to share and enjoy what he enjoyed as an Indian. Coach Watson will always be the measuring stick for what it means to be an Indian. He loved the kids and desired to see them be successful. There has never been a time that he has not stopped and spoken in length when he saw me. Even 26 years later. I admired the man and the dedication he brought each and every day to want to make you better on the football field and in our lives. Roll Tribe Roll with Darrell Watson leading the way.
03-14-2013 Marvin Roller
Coach, you was a great man to me. You helped me alot while we was at Steadman Hills together. I will always remember all the goodtimes and the laughs we had. I would not have made it if it wasn't for you. I love and will miss you. Family, I am so sorry for your loss. RIP COACH and I will see you again someday.
03-14-2013 Paul Kerr
Some of the best memories of my high school years include Darrell.We did everything together. We played football together at Maryville High, we worked our summers together in Chattanooga, drove around together and double dated together. He was like a brother to me in those years.We didn't see each other very often after I moved away from Tennessee but we recently re-connected and were able to share those memories again. I am grateful that I got to see him this past summer. He really hadn't changed except for getting older as we all have. We talked weekly up until his death and he always had a positive attitude when we discussed his illness. I live in Maryland and will not be able to attend the service because of my business but I will have my own memorial for him at the same time as the one in Tennessee. I will miss Darrell very much and want his children, who I have never met, to know how much I thought of him.
03-14-2013 Jan Bridwell Walker
My favorite memory of Coach Watson was in Driver's Ed at DB. He had just poured himself a piping hot cup of coffee and instructed me to "gently" ease into traffic. I mistook the capacity of the Dodge Daytona we were in, and I slammed the gas pedal to the floor. We fishtailed out of the cafeteria parking lot like we just had robbed a bank, causing Coach to spill the hot coffee all over his lap. I was horrified and frantically shoved napkins at him as we weaved all over the road, until he yelled "Just DRIVE, Bridwell, Just DRIVE!" One of my funniest memories at Dobyns-Bennett. He was a good man, and obviously very patient with nervous young drivers. May God bless your family.
03-14-2013 Mike Faulkerson Dulaney
Love ya Coach. I am a better man today because of men like you i have met and learned from along this journey!


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